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"Since starting training with Sam 5 months ago my strength, fitness and overall well-being have improved hugely. Professional, knowledgable and fun. Highly recommended!"




Train at West 4 gym in chiswick, An independent gym set inside a converted church, just off chiswick high road









Sport and physical activity have always been essential to me. This led me to study a BSc (Hons) Degree in Exercise and Sport Sciences at the University of Exeter and then to complete the Premier Level 3 Diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training, 

For the last 3 years I have trained with a broad spectrum of clients who have varying needs and present different challenges; from youngsters with Osgood Slatters to seniors, wheelchair-bound due to MS. I also train a client whose foot had to be reattached at the ankle for good measure!

All those that I have trained and am still training have personal goals (both short-term and long-term) and individual needs to take into consideration. I tailor my sessions to their specific requirements and every client I work with has helped to enhance my own practice. My clients have not only helped me to develop my method but they have furthered my ability to adapt to any situation presented to me. For this I am truly grateful.

I'm a warm and friendly person which will translate into our sessions. I provide a safe and fun training environment but please do not feel that the sessions will be unprofessional. I conduct my sessions to the highest standard; you will expect the best from me and I will expect the same level of commitment from you.

"I have trained with Sam for the past year and a half. Since then, he has educated me on all of the 'how to's' on strength and fitness. I have been able to achieve things I never thought I was able to, feel great about myself and have new focus and goals. Sam's approach is friendly, relaxed and down to earth - creating a very comfortable environment in the gym with what can be initially, a quite intimidating experience. Apart from the training itself, Sam has always been there to answer any questions I have and always offers encouragement to achieve new goals"





So you like what you have seen so far and you want to know what happens next. Well once you have contacted me we will have a short conversation about your goals and how much you are able to commit to training and nutrition.

Once the details above have been ascertained I will send across two forms to be completed before our initial session:-

  • Personal Details & Health Questionnaire - This helps me to evaluate any potential risks to you starting an exercise regime. It is important to ensure that it is safe for you to train and to flag up any issues or old injuries that may have an effect going forward.

  • Kitchen & Nutrition Questionnaire - I use this to determine how your kitchen is set up and to see how we can most effectively - and with the least disruption to your routine - help to tweak your nutrition in order to optimise results!


So we finally have the pleasure of meeting. Don't be nervous - I won't bite!

First of all we will review the agreed upon goals and use this time to see if there are any other questions that you would like to ask.

Next, we will collect some initial information to be used as indicators of progression. These will be whatever you feel most comfortable with - such as body weight, body measurements and body fat percentage.

The remainder of the session will be focussed on exercise; seeing how you move and what your capabilities are. I will then be able to formulate an appropriate and effective training programme for us to work through together.


Now we know what we are both aiming for and have put a plan in place. We will continue to train and watch your nutrition with a recheck of measurements every month.

"Sam has the patience of a saint and I love training with him. I have had an ongoing injury, which has been frustrating to say the least, but Sam finds ways to work around this safely and effectively, making the most of each session and helping me to combat that horrible feeling of 'I can't do it'! He is encouraging, entertaining and incredibly knowledgeable about exercise and well-being. My health, fitness and confidence have rocketed since training with him and I couldn't recommend him more highly."


What to Expect


BSc (Hons) exercise & Sport Sciences - University of Exeter




Advanced nutrition for weight management

advanced nutrition for physical performance



suspension fitness training

master kettlebell training


olympic lifting

"Training with Sam was one of the best decisions I've made! Alongside getting quick results and having laughs whilst training, he also educates you on ways to sustain a fitter lifestyle and become genuinely passionate about fitness. I always look forward to a session with Sam (whilst dreading the day after leg day!). Brilliant training with a brilliant bloke."




" First, here's my quick marketing blurb for Sam:

A subtly assertive trainer who is adept at building personal rapport and who has a never-ending supply of encouragement to give you, even when you've fallen off the wagon.

And for those that want to know more:

Sam's genuine passion for fitness translates into every session. In addition to having the core knowledge of what does and doesn't work, he makes adaptations and isn't afraid to experiment to fit your individual capabilities. His workout and diet strategies are on point and he continuously coaxes improvement out of you. With a sense of fun instilled into each hour, I can't remember a single session in the last couple of years when I felt unmotivated or that time was dragging.


For me, Sam is a model PT - engaging, tenacious and with a huge reserve of patience and goodwill. Added to this he has a hard-working and conscientious work ethic, with the only flaw that springs to mind being that, for some inexplicable reason, he doesn't support the best football team ever. But if you can see past that and you want to (a) be the fittest you've ever been (b) transform how you look (c) be inspired to maintain it, look no further."


" I've been training with Sam one to one for 6 months. What is great is that Sam tailors the whole programme to my needs and as I have got fitter and leaner the programme has evolved to take this into account which has meant that I have kept on progressing.


Over the years I have tried all different kinds of diets, gyms and nothing has been effective or lasting as much as this. Fitness has now become part of my lifestyle and has encouraged me to change my diet, thanks to advice and help from Sam.

I can't recommend training with Sam more highly, just within a few weeks I noticed a substantial difference towards achieving my goals and now it's further down the line, has proved these are long lasting results."


"I lead a super hectic TV lifestyle which includes a lot of travelling and busy schedules.


I've been training with Sam for over a year and a half now and first of all, he's an absolute pleasure to work with. He's also been great about flexible hours (weekends, 9pm sessions and also understands that I sometimes need to change things last minute). He is a fab motivator and his one to one HIIT sessions keep me in great shape and physically prepped for the job I do, which often involves a lot of self-shooting and use of a handheld camera for hours on end.


We do a mix of cardio, weight-training, circuits and boxing (which I love!) so the sessions are very intense but never ever do I get bored. I am very fit and my body looks really amazing, so that's the ultimate reason why you should get Sam as your PT!"


"Since I began training with Sam 9 months ago, I've been able to get back into shape. Not only this, my energy and fitness levels have drastically improved. He enabled me to turn regular fitness into something I look forward to doing. In my sessions with Sam, he has perfectly balanced tough sessions with enjoyment. I have learnt so much about exercises, both on weights and equipment, that I have been able to incorporate into my own training. I'm now feeling more confident, toned and in a much better shape than ever before.


Sam's training approach combined with hard work has had a positive effect on my life."





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